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Resolution 081004
Interim Controls On Major rights of Way Along and Near the Southern 19th Avenue Corridor.
Resolution 081005
19th Avenue Cumulative Impact Study
Board of Supervisors Legislation Introduced
This is the web page that lists all the legislation introduced by the Board of Supervisors.
In response to concerns voiced by District 7 residents about the overall impact of multiple, high-density housing projects currently in the pipeline for the western side of the city, Supervisor Elsbernd drafted and proposed two resolutions that were presented to the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee on Monday October 20, 2008 at 1:00 PM at City Hall.
To read about the outcome of the Land Use and Economic Development Committee meeting, visit our summary page here: Land Use Committee Outcome.

Both of these resolutions are relatively short, but at 8 pages and 12 pages respectively, they can take some time to wade through. They are also both written in very specific legal and technical terms, so we've provided a short summary of each of them below on the NOA web site. However, if you'd like to read the resolutions in full, use the links to the right to open them directly from the Board of Supervisors web site.

While we generally like and support these resolutions, we feel there are four things that are missing or need to be strengthened in them in order to ensure they provide the protections they were intended to. These four items are:

  1. The boundaries in which the resolutions will be effective should be extended North to Taraval St. and West to the Beach to ensure they include the L-Taraval Muni line and Sunset Blvd, Hwy 35 and The Great Highway.
  2. Resolution 081004 applies to residential projects of over 20 units. We would like this changed to apply to projects of 10 or more units.
  3. Resolution 081004 implements additional "Conditional Use Permit" requirements, however Conditional Use Permits normally mandate different (i.e. more relaxed) neighborhood notices. We would like to ensure that all developments that acquire Conditional Use Permits under these interim controls adhere to the noticing requirements as defined in the SF City Municipal Planning Code section 311(c) and 312(d).
  4. Finally, resolution 081005 references potential impact on traffic many times. We would like the language changed to include both "traffic" and "transit" impact considerations, since there are several major Muni train and bus lines in the area that will be impacted by large developments along 19th Ave.

NOA's Short Summary of Resolution 081004
[Interim Controls On Major Rights of Way Along and Near the Southern 19th Ave Coridor]

NOA's Short Summary of Resolution 081005
[19th Avenue Cumulative Impact Study]

Frequently Asked Questions about the Resolutions:

Q. Why are the interim controls for only 18 months?
A. That is the maximum time allowed for an interim control. The idea is that during that time the actual law or ordinance could be permanently changed.

Q. Why do the resolutions only URGE the Planning Department, rather than DIRECT the Planning Department?
A. The SF Charter specifically states that only the Mayor can direct a department to do something.

Q. Will the resolutions also cover the projects out by the Zoo?
A. No, those projects fall outside the area covered by the resolutions.