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NOA Summary of Resolution 081004

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Resolution 081004
from the BOS archives

Summary of FILE NO. 081004
[Interim Controls On Major Rights of Way Along and Near the Southern 19th Avenue Corridor]
Authored by Supervisors Elsbernd and Chu

This resolution adopts more restrictive interim controls for a period of eighteen months that would require conditional use authorization for new residential developments over 20 units or for new commercial or retail developments over 50,000 square feet on both sides of the following rights of way along and near the Southern 19th Avenue Corridor: commencing at Lake Merced Boulevard where it begins at the County line, north along Lake Merced Boulevard to Sloat Boulevard, east along Sloat Boulevard to 19th Avenue, north along 19th Avenue to Taraval Street, east on Taraval Street to Claremont, south on Claremont to Portola, southwest on Portola to Junipero Serra Boulevard, and south on Junipero Serra Boulevard to the County line; adopting environmental findings and a determination of consistency with the priority policies of Planning Code Section 101.1.

The planning code authorizes the adoption by resolution of interim controls that are more restrictive than the current Planning Code in order to control uses that will have an adverse impact upon the City or surrounding neighborhoods while permanent controls are being studied.

The controls would apply to any project that has not received its final building permit or site permit when these controls go into effect, but would not require a project that has already received a conditional use to obtain a new conditional use unless the conditional use has expired.  They would be in place for a period of 18 months and could be extended by the Board of supervisors for an additional six-month period.

In addition to the information that is otherwise to be submitted witha conditional use application, a project subject to these interim controls would need to submit parking and traffic studies for the area surrounding the proposed project.  The Planning commission and the Board of Supervisors on appeal would need to make specific findings that the proposed project will not decrease the availability of public safety services and worse traffic conditions in the absence of mitigation measures to lessen those traffic impacts or any other negative physical environmental impact.

Background information
There are several developments along and near the Southern 19th Avenue Corridor in the City that are expected to increase popluation density and add more than 7,200 residential units to the area over a period of time.  According to the 2003 Stonestown village Drafte Environmental Impact Report, there are a number of “F” and “D Level of Service (LOS) Intersections* along and near the southern 19th Avenue Corridor.  Pedestrian safety and traffic congestion throught the southern 19th Avenue neighborhoods are major concerns of the residents in the area.

Level of Service Intersection
In California, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires public agencies to evaluate potential transportation impacts.  The City of San Francisco currently uses the Highway Capacity Manual's Level of Service (LOS) intersection delay measure to identify transportation impacts:

  • “D” (LOS) Typical of an urban highway during commuting hours. Speeds are somewhat reduced, motorists are hemmed in by other cars and trucks.
  • “F” (LOS) Flow is forced; every vehicle moves in lockstep with the vehicle in front of it, with frequent drops in speed to nearly zero mph. A road for which the travel time cannot be predicted.