Project History

There is a long history of development work on the Arden Wood property and community activism in response to proposals. The current project is just the latest in a series of efforts of Ardenwood to profit from the sale and the development of open space on the property. This page provides an overview of the major activities that have taken place over the last two years in relation to the current project. We also include some historic perspective on previous development efforts on the property.

Board of Supervisors hearing in which the two Elsbernd resolutions were heard and approved. Read more on these resolutions here.
RUP holds an invitation-only workshops for selected neighbors to present some "alternate" options to high-rise towers. Several NOA members attend.
NOA had an initial meeting with Supervisor Elsbernd regarding ways to better control the rapid growth planned for the western side of the City. The conerns were that each individiual project (of which the Arden Wood project is just one - and a small one at that) was being approved by the SF Planning Department without regard to all the other projects, and that this "cumulative impact" would be devistating on the city infrastructure. He proposed a "Cumulative Impact" resolution to address these concerns. You can read more about the resolution here.
Town Hall Meeting at St. Cecilia’s with Mendelsohn, Supervisors Elsbernd and Chu & 240 attendees. Dennis Morris spoke against the idea of towers in the neighborhood, and audience reaction was very clearly against the project as currently proposed.
Greater West Portal Neighborhood Assocation (GWPNA) meeting with approximately 45 people present.  Robert Mendelsohn of RUP and his team presented project drawings.
West of Twin Peaks Council Meeting (WTPCC), Mendelsohn showed one drawing and introduced “his team.”
50 neighbors @ Shanahans.  Elsbernd spoke about the “process” of a project like Mendelsohn’s
50 neighbors at Shanahans.  Supervisor Elsbernd did not appear.
Celeste Cremen & Patty Shanahan spoke @ West of Twin Peaks Council about Mendelsohn’s proposed development.
Meeting @ Shanahans with Bob Mendelsohn & Mike D’Amico.  A fly-thru animation of the project, now 13 & 6 stories tall, was shown.  People from the Grove attended.  About 50 people were present.
Mike D’Amico, architect from Patri Merker Architects, took photos from the Shanahan's living room for a Power Point fly-thru.
NOA met @ Shanahans @ 6:00 pm.  At 7:00 pm NOA met with Bob Mendelsohn on the corner of 18th & Wawona, after which they all returned to the Shanahans.  Mendelson pointed to the current workforce housing and stated that their buildings would not be higher than the roof of that building.  There would be that green building stuff with grass on the roof even.  The buildings would be 10 & 7 stories.
A NOA meeting @ Shanahans with Mark Nelson, the developer.  Sean Elsbernd and 40 neighbors attended.
The neighbors received notification about 8 new houses proposed for 15th Avenue at Wawona
Mary Burns, President of GWPNA, hosted an event to meet developer Bob Mendelsohn of Republic Urban Properties (RUP) and Chris Nunez, who was introduced as a neighborhood kid and an associate of Mendelsohn.

Previous Development at Arden Wood



Arden Wood proposed to build a new "hospital-like" care facility at the corner of 15th Avenue and Wawona, move all their care residents into the new building and turn the existing chalet into a hotel for visitors and guests. Neighbors resisted the effort and Arden Wood scrapped the plans.