Project Impact

Current project details as proposed-February 2008

Robert Mendelsohn, Vice President of Republic Urban Properties LLC, hosted two (2) “invitation only” workshops for a select set of about 50 neighborhood residents. There they presented new plans which include 141 units and contain the following:
  • 112 Pavilion condominium units, located in four buildings, with an average maximum height of 40 feet each
  • 8 Terrace (ground level) three bedroom units
  • 20 renovated units, which will be built within an existing building already on the property
  • 1 renovated director’s house
  • Access to the development moved to the center of the site away from The Grove
  • Proposed pedestrian paths that do not share The Grove emergency access easement

Density is an issue

The project proposed for the 4.6 acre site will bring with it:
  • 141 units plus amenities, including a community room with a full kitchen, on-site day care, a wellness center, and concierge.
  • 168 parking spaces for residents, staff and guests (equal to 1.2 spaces per unit); a rough calculation by NOA based on the expected bedroom count, suggests that the project should include more than 240 spaces on-site.
  • The designation of the site as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). This will allow the developer “carte blanche” to ignore current zoning rules.
  • Pedestrian foot paths. At the Republic Urban Properties workshops, the plans showed one footpath to 18th & Wawona and another footpath through the existing 15th Ave gate to West Portal Ave and the existing transit hub. The path to the 15th Ave gate is not currently shown on the Republic Urban Properties web site.
    • Footpath access to 15th Ave & West Portal Avenue is desirable. It is the most direct path to the West Portal Shopping area and the transit hub and is the safest route for residents. This path should not share the easement at the rear of The Grove.
    • Footpath access to 18th Ave & Wawona is unacceptable. It will drive unnecessary traffic through the neighborhood, and allow residents easy access to park on the avenues instead of in their own on-site parking. It will also be inconvenient for transit users since it will place them diagonally opposite from the transit hub at the South East corner of the property. It will also be unsafe, putting users on the South side of Wawona Street where there is no sidewalk.
  • A huge impact on traffic for the entire neighborhood. The Main Entrance to the property on 19th Ave allows only Northbound exit (toward Golden Gate Park).
    • The 19th Ave entrance/exit needs to be modified to allow residents easy access to travel Southbound on 19th Avenue (towards Daly City) as previously suggested by the developer.
    • Residents exiting the property will likely travel North, make a right on Vicente and then a dangerous u-turn in front of St. Cecilia School in order to travel south on 19th Avenue; the extra traffic generated by the proposed development will exacerbate the current u-turn problem there.
    • Caltrans needs to be involved for ongoing consultation throughout the planning of the project.

What we expect to happen next

    • Neighbors will have an opportunity to participate in an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Scoping meeting to express what we want included in the EIR. No date has been set yet.
    • Republic Urban Properties will submit plans to the City.
    • NOA will hold another town-hall meeting to discuss the plans once they are submitted by the developer.

    What you can do to help

    • Give us input on what concerns you. This is your opportunity to be active and be heard. Email the Neighbors of Arden Wood directly at We will collect and compile your feedback. Also, let us know if you’d like to be added to our community email distribution to received future alerts via email.
    • Keep alert to newspaper articles and announcements for public input to the project, and attend every meeting you can.
    • Let our elected officials know your concerns about this project. Email, call or write them directly:
      Sean Elsbernd, District 7 Supervisor
    City Hall
    1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
    San Francisco, Ca 94102-4689
    (415) 554-6516

    Carmen Chu, District 4 Supervisor
    City Hall
    1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
    San Francisco, Ca 94102-4689
    (415) 554-7460