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19th Avenue
(California Highway 1)

19th Avenue in San Francisco is a five-mile long, eight lanes arterial thoroughfare that bisects the southwestern part of the city.  It begins in the Richmond District at Lake Avenue as a two-lane road and ends at Fulton, starting again at Golden Gate Park as the road heads southward through the Sunset District.  After running through the neighborhood at the intersection of Sloat Boulevard, it continues south, passing Stonestown Galleria and San Francisco State University and reaches Junipero Serra Boulevard.  it then passes Junipero Serra, and finally ends at the western border of Ingleside neighborhood.
Besides being a city street, the southern part of 19th Avenue is designated as part of State Route 1.
19th Avenue is a busy street with cars moving in relatively high speed and has long been a problem spot with pedestrian fatalities from vehicles.  Per San Francisco CountyTransportation Authority as of 16 September 2008, there are approximately 78,000 vehicles per day on 19th Avenue, and 32 pedestrian collisions between 1999 - 2004 wtih 14 pedestrian deaths during that period.

Arden Wood

A Christian Science facility which offers a haven of spiritual healing, as well as residential services and spiritual renewal.  Besides the residential facility, gardens and woodland paths there is acreage which is forested.
The land at 470 West Portal Avenue, now occupied by Waldorf High School, was originally part of the Arden Wood property.
More recently, Arden Wood sold a portion of its property for the devlopment of 8 new homes (slated for completion in late 2008 or early 2009) on 15th Avenue between West Portal and Wawona.  The Arden Wood website originally stated that most of the large trees would be kept along 15th Avenue, however, the majority of them were removed.
Arden Wood has also given an option to Republic Urban Properties for the development of a piece of its property along 19th Avenue.  The project would develop a 4.6 portion located west and downhill of Arden Wood's main building. The remaining 7-acre parcel contains the main building (the French chateau-like landmark structure) and surrounding landscaping and would not be affected by the project.

Chu, Carmen

Supervisor for District 4, whose eastern boundary is 19th Avenue.  Access to the Pacific Park project would be on 19th Avenue, north of Sloat Blvd and south of Wawona.  See the following link for District 4 boundaries.


Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods is comprised of 42 multi-issue neighborhood organizations.  Each organization must have as its primary purpose the improvement of its entire neighborhood, as well as 35 or more members.

D'Amico, Mike

Pacific Park architect and project manager from Patri Merker Architects, Inc.

Elsbernd, Sean

Supervisor for District 7.  The Ardenwood property/Pacific Park project lies within District 7.  See the following link for District 7 boundaries.

Grove, The

A condominium development at 2770 - 2790 19th Avenue, with 84 units.  The entrance to the current Pacific Park proposal would be directly north of the The Grove entrance.


Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association works with families and businesses in the neighborhood.  The West Portal neighborhood in San Francisco includes about 2200 dwellings and a three (3) block commercial district.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating system is a trademarked certification program for commercial buildings under the aegis of the US Green Building Council, and is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. 

Ma, Fiona

Assemblywoman for California District 12.  The Ardenwood property/Pacific Park project lies within California District 12.

Mendelsohn, Robert

The lead person for RUP on the proposed Pacific Park project.  Mr Mendelsohn is a former San Francisco supervisor.


Neighbors of Ardenwood are a group of neighbors living in the West Portal and Inner Parkside neighborhoods concerned about the proposed high-density housing development planned for the 4.6 acre forested western side of the historic Arden Wood property.  The goal of NOA is to influence the size, scope and design of the project to ensure that it does not adversely impact the neighborhood.

Nunez, Chris

As an associate of Bob Mendelsohn, he assists with presentations, questions and answers at the community meetings.

Pacific Park

Pacific Park, a proposed new residential development in the greater West Portal neighborhood is planned by the Republic Urban Properties (RUP). 

Park Merced

A high-rise and townhouse development in the southwest corner of the City at 3711 19th Ave with 3221 total units currently.  The owners have plans to demolish the townhouses and replace those with 3-6 story buildings for an additional 6000 more units.  The street plan would also be reconfigured.

Patri Merker Architects

The architectural firm which designed the Pacific Park project.

Republic Urban Properties LLC (RUP)

The developer of Pacific Park, a proposed new residential development in the greater West Portal neighborhood on the Arden Wood grounds.  RUP is a privately owned, full-service real estate investment, management and development enterprise based in suburban Washington, DC.


San Francisco Planning and Urban Research is a broad-based public policy organization, which works on many issues, but not all with the same degree of focus. Every idea introduced goes through several stages of review and debate before the organization decides whether or not it will take a position on it, to be followed by an outreach program and to work for implementation.

West Portal

West Portal's center is the retail strip along West Portal Avenue from the Muni tunnel to 15th Avenue.  It is surrounded by densely residential mini-neighborhoods tucked up in the surrounding hills. 


West of Twin Peaks Central Council is comprised of representatives from west of Twin Peaks San Francisco neighborhood organizations.  WTPCC acts as a resource for the member organizations. 

Yee, Leland

State Senator for California District 8.  The Arden Wood property/Pacific Park project lies within California District 8.